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NEMCARE Hospital wins prestigious "QUALITY BRANDS AWARD -2014-2016"


The management is happy to congratulate all its NEMCARE family members for the achievement of QUALITY BRANDS AWARD -2014-2016 on 31st March 2014 at Mumbai by Quality Brand Times. The management appreciates all employees, Consultants for their constant hard work and also to the patients, attendants, well wishers & associates for their blessings in bringing the institution’s name and fame at the national level. Quality Brand Times honor some companies and organizations by awards for their outstanding achievements, performances in their respective field.  On perusal of the outstanding performances in Industrial field, survey by National Education & Human Resources Development Organization has recommended the name of NEMCARE Hospital for this prestigious award in the health care sector.  Another prestigious Award, "National Excellence in Healthcare Award" was awarded to Dr Hitesh Baruah as  the head of the institution.