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Our Upcoming Project - A brand new hospital


NEMCARESuperMulti-SpecialtyHospital is a 200 bedded hospital coming up at Bhangagarh close to the existing hospital. The area provides a visually attractive setting with Narakasur hills on the back drop and magnificent buildings on the periphery. The hospital aims at bringing the super-specialty services under one roof with networks to acute services. The hospital will have a state of the art cardiac unit along with other multi-specialty services.

The hospital will be ideally located and easily accessible from all corners of the city. It will be approximately 20 kilometers from the airport and 4.5 kilometers from the railway station

The hospital will provide a wide range of services and facilities. It aims at providing highest level of care and support to the patient with our skilled team of professionals. The unique ambience and environment of the hospital will make patient feel at home.

It will be an ideal place for getting treated and cared for.