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About NEMCARE Hospital

NEMCARE, a unit of M/S NORTHEAST MEDICAL CARE & RESEARCH CENTRE PVT. LTD. started its journey with OPD on 21st of Feb 01 and IPD on 20th of April 01 with a vision to provide secondary and tertiary health care facilities to the community at large of entire North East Region. The institute was conceptualized and given shape by the founder members, with a mission to bring the highest standards of health care within the reach of every individual.
The hospital is located centrally at Guwahati Shillong Road, Bhangagarh, near the Gauhati Medical College and Hospital and easily accessible from all corners of the city. Dedicated effort of the service providers and excellent location  has helped the hospital to stand as an organization of repute & one of the most upcoming and promising hospitals in the entire North East Region. The name NEMCARE has been abbreviated from “North East Medical CARE”, and is derived from the vision of the hospital to provide quality care to the patients, especially the people in North East India.
NEMCARE Hospital is a private multi-speciality hospital with 100 beds, which have been segregated to various types, based on tariff and facilities, so as to enable patients from all sections to afford and avail the services. Since the days of inception, the hospital has maintained a policy to provide services to the poor section of the society at subsidized rates, without any compromise in the quality of medical care to the patients.
NEMCARE Hospital strives for complete health care for your family, keeping in mind “the best possible health care in best possible price” under one roof. This has been possible due to the dedicated efforts of the team of doctors at NEMCARE and also the leading consultants from Guwahati, who visit the hospital. This has helped in providing a platform of comprehensive health care in the entire North East Region with center –of – excellence in medical disciplines.
Caring attitude and precise skills are interwoven to offer a wide array of highly specialized diagnostic and therapeutic services. It has a full-fledged diagnostic laboratory with the most modern technology to conduct the various clinical tests. The Operation Theatres have advanced equipment to carry out surgical procedures, with high-end monitors, C-Arm, Anaesthesia machines etc. The Radiology Unit provides facilities for Computed Tomography (CT), Ultrasonography with Colour Doppler, X-Ray etc. There are also facilities for Video Endoscopy, ECG, EEG, and Dialysis etc, to make it a one-stop destination for offering care to the ailing patients.
NEMCARE in collaboration with Burn Care Foundation pioneer in establishing the department in the entire North East Region with 6 bedded Burn Care unit.



Board Of Directors:

Chairperson:     Mrs. Subrata Barua

Managing Director:     Dr. Hitesh Baruah

Dr Hitesh Baruah is a well known name in the healthcare industry in the entire North Eastern Region. After his graduation, he joined government service. Later, he joined as a registrar in the department of Physiology in Gauhati Medical College. He did his post-graduation in the same subject and after 12 yrs of dedicated service in teaching students, he finally resigned as Associate Professor of Physiology, Gauhati Medical College. 

He was the pioneer in setting up NEMCARE Hospital, Guwahati. Because of his inexorable efforts, the institute had a very sharp rise in terms of growth and today stands out as a premier institute of the region in delivering quality healthcare in the region. Dr Baruah has been involved in all the key decisions in the hospital, starting from the strategy making to all the decisions involved in the growth of the hospital.

Dr. Baruah has been acting as the CEO cum Managing Director of North East Medical Care and Research Centre.

Apart from his usual activities, Dr Baruah has been actively involved in many social activities –

He is the Secretary of Burn Care Foundation – a “not for profit” organization, working for helping the poor patients who sustain burn injuries.

He is the CMD of NEMCARE Foundation and is involve in various awareness programmes.

He is also the President of CARD – a social NGO, working for socio-economic support of people suffering from dreaded diseases like AIDS, Cancer, and TB etc.

He is also the Adviser for Aradhana – a cultural NGO, which works for the rehabilitation and entertainment etc of the deaf and dumb people.

He is involved in various social and cultural activities and is an active participant of various activities related to art and literature.

Dr. Baruah is a renowned music director of Assamese Film and Doordarshan.


Deputy Managing Director:     Mr. Bofaiz Ahmed


Directors:     Dr. Mihir Kumar Baruah

Dr. Mihir Kumar Baruah did his MBBS from Gauhati Medical College under Gauhati University in the year 1977. Thereafter he completed his diploma in Opthalmology in the year 1985 from the same Institution. He further took degree in Opthalmology and did specialisation in the subject from Gauhati Medical College in the year 1991. He further did PGDHHM with specialisation in Hospital & Health Management from IGNOU in the year 2007.

He has an overall experience of 36 years. Currently he is working at Nemcare Hospital as director cum executive officer since Feb 2001.  He looks after the administration of the NEMCARE Hospital. He has worked for the Government of Assam as a Sub Divisional Medical & Health Officer (Post held at the time of VRS) from Sep 1979 To Nov 2000. There he used to worked as Medical Officer in both rural and urban Hospital. He also worked in a WHO-NMEP project for one year in 1979 at Sambalpur, Orissa.

Mr Baruah is also very active socially and is working as Treasurer of Burn Care Foundation. He also held the position of Honorary Joint Secretary, Indian Medical Association, Assam State Branch.

Directors:     Mr. Ranjan Deka

Mr Ranjan Deka is in Pharmaceutical business since 1990. He started his career as supplier of medicine and other medical equipments to various government hospitals and private institutions. He is an authorized C&F agent of Dr Reddy’s for the NE region since 1993. Also for other major pharmaceutical companies viz Natco Pharma Ltd, Wanbury Ltd, Apex Lab Ltd, Biocort Ltd etc.

Mr Deka has been attached with the various activities of NEMCARE Hospital since its inception. He is mainly involved in the Strategic Business Initiatives of the hospital and the expansion activities. Being a promoter director of the hospital Mr Deka’s contribution to the growth and development of the hospital is commendable.

He actively takes part in various social organization and is presently the Vice-President of Pharmaceutical Association of Assam 

Directors:     Mr. Dharani Baruah

Mr Dharanidhar Baruah is a successful businessman and a Govt. recognized  Class I A contractor. He has been involved in the various activities in the decision making processes for the hospital since its inception. He has also played a key role in the conceptual designing of the hospital and the strategic business decisions for the growth of the hospital.

He started his career as a Tea Merchant. Then he moved on to construction business and later, got the recognition from the Govt. of Assam as CLASS I A Contractor. His experience in the filed of business is nearly 2 decades and with such an experience, he brings in a lot of value to the upcoming project. 

He was one of the founder members of North East Medical Care and Research Centre Pvt Ltd. He is also one of the directors of NEMCARE Hospital, since its inception. HE has also been involved in various social activities and is a key member of many NGOs, who work for the social benefit of the poor and the downtrodden.