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Prepare for an Appointment

Before Your Appointment
Depending upon the reason for your doctor’s visit, this checklist can help you prepare.

  • Collect all the documents related to your ailment. 
  • Copies of all test results, X-Rays, Laboratory Reports, past Medical History Sheets
  • A list of all the current medications taken on a regular basis, including the self-prescribed medications if any
  • Review any special restrictions, or directions that your treating doctors had advised
  • It is always preferable to have someone as your attendant during your visit to the hospital
  • Bring some warm clothes to wear. The hospital premises has to be kept cool to enable the equipment to function properly

During Your Appointment

  • We are here to serve you and to extend our services better, we request you to ask your treating doctor any question related to your ailment and care or express any concern that you have.
  • Not sure what to ask? Find suggestions:

    We encourage that you are fully informed about your ailments. Following are questions that you may ask your treating doctor:

    About your Symptoms or Disease:

    • What is the disease or condition that you are suffering from?
    • The seriousness of your disease and whether it will have impact on your normal day to day life
    • The prognosis of the disease: immediate and long term
    • The cause of the disease and the warning signs that you should watch for
    • The tests to be done to confirm the diagnosis
    • The safety and dangers of such tests
    • The follow up required and if so, when

    About Your Treatment :
    • The treatment options available for your ailment
    • The time to be taken for the treatment
    • Cost of treatment
    • The side effects of treatment
    • The risks associated with the treatment
    • What will happen if treatment is not done, or if treatment is delayed
    • What are the things that are to be avoided during the treatment
    • What should be done if there is any side effect
    • How will you know that the medicines that you are taking are working
    • What to do if a dose of medication is missed

    If You Need Surgery :
    • What are the indications of a surgical procedure
    • What are the options available and which one is recommended for you
    • Is there any alternative method of performing the procedure
    • Is there any conservative treatment for the ailment
    • What will be the cost of surgery
    • What will be the benefits of surgery
    • What are the associated risks of the surgical procedure that has been advised
    • What if you don't have the surgery
    • Where will you get a second opinion if required
    • What type of Anaesthesia would be required and how long will it take for you to recover
    • What is the expected length of stay in the hospital

    After Your Appointment :
    • What are the things that you can expect after your appointment
    • If your primary doctor advises for a consultation with another doctor, the hospital caregivers will make every effort to schedule the appointment and required tests at the earliest possible time
    • If you are to be hospitalized, the patient care executives will coordinate the admitting arrangements and provide the necessary details to you

    NEMCARE Hospital Admissions :
    • Your doctor may advise admission for treating your ailment. If so, you may have questions. Please refer to the Admission Page for the details.

    How Patients Can Take an Active Role in Their Care and Safety :
    • We encourage that you take an active part in your treatment during your stay in the hospital. Your treating doctor, nurse and other healthcare providers would like to have the necessary information required to provide care and would welcome your involvement.
    • Below, are mentioned few tips for you and your family members:
      Be involved in your healthcare:

      To be involved in your healthcare:
      • Take part in all decisions regarding your treatment
      • Share the details about your ailment, and the requirements that you have
      • Ask a trusted member or friend to accompany you during your visit to your doctor
      • Please share the details about your queries.
      • Ask the healthcare caregiver to tell you what they plan to do for your ailment or before you consent to any procedure.
      • Share with your caregivers the list of medications and mention the allergies that you have.

      Appointment Checklist:
      • Admissions: It is normal for a patient to feel anxious about staying in the hospital. The hospital caregivers will take care of your safety and wellbeing.
      • We encourage that you view the Patient and Visitor's Guide, to help you to understand more about your hospital stay.

      What Do I Bring?
      You will only need essential items, such as :
      • Sleeping Suit
      • Slippers/ Sandals
      • Toiletries
      • Any equipment used in your care (crutches, prosthetics, spectacles, hearing aids etc.)

      What Shouldn't I Bring?
      • Please do not carry large sums of money. Please do not keep large amount of cash in your room.
      • Jewelry: Please do not keep jewelry in your room. Before the preparation for surgery, ask the family members of friends to take home the items.
      • Other valuables. For safety reasons, electronics, laptops, iPods and iPads should not be kept in your possession while in the hospital. NEMCARE Hospital authorities is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

      When Can My Family and Friends Visit Me?
      • NEMCARE Hospital has restrictions in the visiting hours. However, there may be times when visitation may be allowed after prior permission from the concerned authorities. Please contact the main reception number to speak to our personnel.

Medical Records

How do you get access to my medical records at NEMCARE Hospital?
For you as a patient, there are processes in place to allow you to review, comment and make changes in the details of your Medical Record. For any change in the records, you have to submit a copy of the Discharge Certificate, along with a Photo Identity Card, which establishes you as an authorized person on behalf of the patient to change the information provided in the records. For details, please contact our Medical Records Department. You can contact the officials on a week day during the office hours.
Important Steps for getting a duplicate copy of the Medical Record:

  • Complete all fields on the authorization form(s) when requesting the change in you records.
  • Please submit the details of the patient like name, address, guardian's name, date of admission and discharge, treating doctor etc.
  • You can submit a hard copy of the application, or can also send it to our email address, as given in the "Contact Us" section.
  • The processing time for issuance of the duplicate copy of the records will depend on the adequacy of the data provided by you, also on the availability of the medical record.

Billing & Insurance

Accepted Insurance:
NEMCARE Hospital has the following Insurance Companies and Third Party Administrators and also, empanelled with the following organisations:
If NEMCARE Hospital's name is not there in the empanelled organization list, but you feel strongly accessing care with us, you can do the following:

  • Appeal to the Insurance Company or the Third Party Administrator for approval
  • Get admitted as a regular patient and get the reimbursement done at a later date
  • For emergency cases, the patient can be admitted in our hospital and an intimation has to be sent to your insurance company describing the condition of the patient and reason for the emergency admission at NEMCARE. Our Empanelment Department will assist you in preparing such documents and liaise with your insurance provider.
  • NEMCARE Hospital may participate in some, but not all products offered by your health plan
  • Coverage limitations are dependent on individual group contracts with the insurance company.

Billing Checklist:
Follow this checklist to help ensure a smooth billing process. Before your Appointment, you are advised to:

  • Contact your insurance company and understand the details of the policy, the care areas covered under your plan, the benefits and your plan's requirements to be fulfilled
  • Confirm that NEMCARE Hospital is a contracted care provider of services for your plan
  • If required, obtain a referral from your insurance company. In most of the cases however, our officials will liaise with the company and get the Pre-authorisation for your treatment.
  • In case of emergency procedures, the patient is admitted first and then only the other formalities are carried out.
  • Please be sure about the coverage that your policy has and the type of services that can be obtained under your plan. If you avail beyond your permissible limits, the extra amount has to be borne by the patient party

Other facilities

Financial Review Services:
If your insurance plan is not accepted at NEMCARE Hospital, or if you do not have insurance ("a self-pay patient"), you can meet our financial counselor who will assist you by providing all relevant information related to your treatment cost, and will also assist you to select the right package/ accommodation to suit your budget. Your financial counselor will :

  • Prepare an estimated cost of services for you & this may not represent the full scope of charges you would actually incur, which may change depending on your disease condition, availing additional services or extension of stay
  • Request a deposit: If after final settlement of the bill the deposit turns out to be more that the final bill, you will be refunded once the insurance balance has been settled. If there is no insurance cover, we will refund the money once all charges have been totaled.
  • Financial Assistance for the BPL: NEMCARE has provisions for providing special care to the patients from the BPL category. Please contact our Help Desk for more information.
  • NEMCARE Hospital may participate in some, but not all products offered by your health plan
  • Coverage limitations are dependent on individual group contracts with the insurance company.

Patient Guide to personal medical decisions

While you are in the hospital, you may face a situation where decision making is a problem. The information provided in this section has been designed to help you deal with your problems:

Begin by asking Questions:

NEMCARE Hospital believes in transparency and aims to provide the patients with the information required, for them to take decisions on their treatment. We always encourage that the patients should speak to the caregivers about their ailment, along with other problems or concerns.
Following are the frequently asked questions:

  • About your disease
  • Procedure or treatment necessary
  • What could be the probable outcome
  • What are the major risks involved
  • Any risks involved if the treatment is avoided